Houston, we have a problem...

In 2014, we realised men were experiencing a very real issue that needed addressing.

Among the plethora of men’s grooming ranges, there were no decent products to effectively keep the groin area fresh and dry. Men were forced to use messy white talcum powder, or even spraying underarm deodorant down there!


A new contender

We decided to put a stop to this gnarly situation and created a range of skincare products to combat the discomfort of perspiration and chafing in the groin area, for a long lasting fresh and clean feeling.

Expertly created in the UK, our regimen of everyday products make life for modern, active men more comfortable, so you can feel your best all over, all day.


Going the distance

Now established in the UK and Worldwide, with a range of products that deliver long lasting freshness, Below The Belt Grooming™ produces highly effective body and skin care products that do exactly what it says on the pack, at an affordable price.

We’re about straight-talking, getting the job done, without embarrassment or awkwardness. We all have bodies, and we need to take care of every part.

All our products are dermatologically tested so you can trust they will care for your skin. Suitable for vegans and Cruelty-free.

Our products really work, just try them out and see for yourself!



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